Will the Real Janet Sobel Please Stand Up?


permission to reproduce Milky Way, Music, or, indeed, any of her works here, despite my willingness to pay the considerable costs of doing so. If there are any reproduc- tions of Sobel’s works accompanying this site, they shown here only as links to their reproduction on other Internet sites, and, of course, they can be removed by and from those other sites at any time.

        Despite this obstacle and to help overcome it, I am pleased to make the results of my research into Janet Sobel’s biography available here. As you will discover, I have not been able to find all of the documentation I have sought, especially of her early history; I hope that others will be able to build upon what I have found and add correctly to our knowledge of this intriguing artist. I hope, too, that I am not being too naive in wishing that her vivid and intensely felt body of work, which is often not related to Jackson Pollock’s, becomes better known by, and not merely marketed to, the generations of viewers who are just hearing her name for the first or second time. Whether Janet Sobel is sold to the art public as an outsider or an insider, I hope that all students of mid-twentieth-century American painting and even those who stand to benefit most from her works’ increasing attention and rising prices are pleased that I have given her life and, to a degree, her art, the fuller, more accurate delineations they deserve.


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